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First look: The new user interface and streaming player in action.

By Manuela Davidson, Mobile Executive Producer @ ABC Innovation

It is long overdue, but ABC Innovation are very excited to announce the first major upgrade to the ABC Android app, with an emphasis on ‘first.’

We read and absorbed your emails, tweets, Facebook posts and Android Market comments (now Google Play) and many contained a similar question: “When will the Android app be up to the same level as the iPhone app?”

To answer your questions, and build the best possible app, we had to stop thinking as a broadcaster, and make some tough choices.

There was no technical way we could create a rich-media Android app that would work for all devices and OS flavours, so we built a 3-in-1 app that would work well for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above, which was no mean feat.

The new application offers live streams of ABC News 24 and 26 radio stations,  including some ABC Local stations and triple j.

There are also additional categories, including Tech and Games and The Drum, share functions, and the ability to swipe between sections.

Smartphones and tablets are getting so sophisticated these days, users expect their handhelds to give them the same power and control they have on a fixed computer or laptop.

But, despite our best efforts, Android has limitations. We know the experience is not going to be the same as you get on your computer, and it will differ from device-to-device.

However, we have plans to release new upgrades and to also expand the content offering – and we will count on your continued feedback for that.

New Features
- Live stream of ABC News 24
- Live radio streams of 28 ABC, triple j and Radio Australia stations
- New categories: The Drum, Rural, Tech & Games and Science
- Integrated Android user interface. Swipe between sections and article pages
- Share ABC stories via Facebook, Twitter, email or your preferred social app
- Increase and decrease font sizes
- Expand and retract article pages to full screen
- Customize app refresh time to automatic or manual updates
- Save app to SD card

Manuela Davidson is ABC Innovation’s resident mobile guru. Brazilian-born, she brings passion and spice to all that she does.

Note: App is for smartphones only, and is exclusively available to Australian users. Some devices running Froyo and Gingerbread cannot run Flash, and some unlucky users will not be able to watch ABC News 24 on the go. For a list of Flash compatible devices visit:

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